Friday, 16 December 2011

Well well well well well ............who would have thought it !!??? A Rough Legged Buzzard on Gedling pit top ,an area i know very well .....generally speaking birdless,but thanks to Dazchap ,now the venue for the most 'showy' RLB ive ever seen ...a lovely juvenile ......if you want to see one well then come to Gedling..incidently the bird is viewable from my parents house window!!!!!!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Eastern England....Western Sand


Pugney's Diver

This 'juv' GND was showing well on the smaller lake at Pugneys until Marie and i arrived at which point it flew onto the bloody main lake !!! We did eventually get a decent view.

Surely not !!??

This White Stork was discovered in north Notts near sookholme ,it was wandering around a football pitch and had been fed bread apparantly !!! An escape ????? Just because it had a ring !!!

Newcastle bound

Off to Northumberland today, left early to see the Greater Yellowlegs, Tundra Bean, Grey Phalarope, Lesser Scaup, Ross's Geese and Eastern Black Redstart.  Get it right and it could be a dream day...........  However, the best laid plans........   We got off to a bad start by arriving at Low Hauxley only to find the Greater Yellowlegs wasn't there, followed it to Druridge Bay only to be told that 'It's just flown off, unlucky'.  It headed in the direction of East Chevington and we headed towards Holy Island to hopefully see the Eastern Black Redstart.  At least the tide was on our side as we crossed the causeway.  Another long walk along the beach to the back of the village school.  Luckily the bird was very confiding and we got some really good views.

Fog Off!

We set off for Angler's Country Park on a nice Sunday morning, as we got nearer it got foggier and foggier.  Didn't think we would be able to see anything on the lake.  Fotunately, the American Wigeon was fairly close to the shore and as the time passed the fog lifted a little.  Not the best views I have had of this bird but a record shot and another tick on Marie's list.

Over the Hedge

A great Grey Shrike near Retford, Notts.  A grey bird on a grey day..... Shame Marie is too short to see over the Hedge.  Luckily as we headed back to car it landed in the top of a tree.

Followed by a Desert!

A trip to Holme was in order to see the Desert Wheatear.  After a short hike we arrived at the beach and joined the others to see the bird about 30 yards ahead of us eating mealworms!  Some good views of this bird then back to the car for our breakfast.

Spurn's Isabelline Wheatear

An Isabelline Wheatear was found at Spurn,  after Mark ran (well, walked) round after it all morning, he eventually got some shots.  Not much else happening at Spurn that day.  This was Marie's first experience of Spurn, she complained that it was 'bloody windy'!

 Taken in Norfolk, just really like this shot.

Two in Notts, both at Attenborough

This is the 2nd Squacco that I have seen in Notts.  Must be something about Attenborough that they like?  There certainly isn't much there that I like!  I went 3 times to see this bird. The first time the bird was only seen in flight due to a fisherman sitting in it's favourite spot.  There was a slight disagreement between some birders and the angler who's tackle ended up in the river!  tut tut.

I visited again on the Friday after work and then again with Marie on the Saturday.  Got some good views and photos.  The bird was gone by the Sunday so we were very lucky.
 This Pec Sand was the most confiding wader we have ever come across.  It was probably the most photographed bird that Pugney's Country Park has hosted.  A photographer's dream.

  It was so good we visited twice!  The last 2 shots were taken on a duller day with a 400mm lens and they possibly came out better.

This American Black Tern showed very well at Covenham Res.
Juv Long Billed Dowitcher in Lincs ,great bird showed well

Day time Nightjar

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How often do you get to see a Nightjar in the open like this !!!??

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Scilly jaunt

A few days in Cornwall included an unsceduled trip over to the Scillies.

A good days birding on the Scillies which included: 2 Olive Backed Pipits, Red throated Pipit, Upland Sandpiper and  Firecrest (Marie missed the Northern Waterthrush).

Glossy Ibis and Rose coloured Starling in Cornwall.

I'm back !!!! ....... well, WE are.

Well, it's been over a year since I updated and many things have happened which i'm not going to tell you about you nosey sods. so it's back to the birds..... :D

I am posting a selection of recent shots to start with before boring you with the blurb that normally goes with them.

Sandhill Crane in Aberdeenshire

Not brilliant photos, but a new bird for me and Marie so not bothered.  Seeing the bird is what counted.