Sunday, 16 May 2010


Oriental Pratincole is not the sort of bird you see everyday,so a revisit was inevitable....especially with such nice weather forecast.Couldnt believe how many cars were there !! I thought last sunday was busy! The thing good with Frampton is,once you get on the reserve it doesnt feel like many people are there.Started off with some lovely views of singing Corn Bunting,not a bird easliy seen in Notts anymore,even in the their traditional stronghold....i suspect a sad picture repeated around the country.A Temmincks Stint was a nice suprise,and was showing very very well,but had flown just before i got there and was a bit distant for photos especially in the haze.After iniatially being very distant,the Pratincole showed to virtually point blank range around east hide....much to close for the big lens....should have taken the 400mm !! I got some better flight shots than last week,2-3 first summer Little Gulls were showing well there too.Great Reed Warbler in Derbyshire was the next quarry......quite near home too....i didnt think it would take that long to see,considering all the pager messages said 'showing well' Bloody took 4 hours to get a record shot!! It can be very very elusive!! and feeds in the bushes all around the pond,singing only from the tiny patch of reeds its chosen.............amazing the places birds choose to set up home !!

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