Saturday, 5 June 2010

Thanks for the Marmora's.......

Having missed two Marmora's Warblers for one reason or another,this bird,near Blaenavon,Gwent was very welcome indeed !! I very nearly took friday as a holiday and thought id go early doors,but i finish at 12.30pm anyway and would have had to use a fulls days holiday on what is essentially a half day.So i decided to sneak off at 11.30 considering the bird was showing well and appearing to be on probs !! Well it showed five mins before we got there,then we had a three hour wait.......afternoons are the worst time we all know,but i didnt reckon on three hours without sight or sound.Anyway,eventually i saw the bird very well,and what a little cracker it was....the nearest it came was the 'Holly bush' so photo wise,much too far but i got some records for my own purposes.Wichats were much in evidence,Raven seen too,traffic was excellent there and back.Great bird great twitch !!

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