Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Snow go Hoveringham

Didnt get out on saturday at all, due to fresh snowfall and the council closing the road AGAIN !!!! Sunday did manage to have a quick bird at Hoveringham,had a look on the railway pit and the sailing lake,the latter being completely frozen over,and covered in snow...looked like the arctic,but with trees !! Didnt have the camera,but didnt need it as i didnt see much at all....the 'juv' GND looks like its gone,at least i couldnt find it anyway....7 Ruddies,3 Little Egrets about the best,3 Goosander bringing up the rear.Got very close to feeding thrushes and mipits,seemingly more concerned with feeding than being scared by me....also Snipe feeding in hedge bottoms,i did feel sorry for them.

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