Sunday, 3 January 2010

First twitch of the year

Ring Necked Duck and Ferruginous Duck at the same location.........thats got to be worth a run.Pugneys CP only 60 miles,yeah why not.Set off in sub-zero blue skies,arrived in +3 and heavy rain !! Hmmmm not really what i wanted.The 'fudge duck' was on the boating lake,distantly asleep.....until a boat flushed it and it headed for Calder wetlands just across the road,behind the swan and cygnet pub.I walked across rather than driving,to discover a new wetland i never knew existed! Started off looking for the RND,the rain had just about stopped and was now just dull and grey........really not photography weather.Anyway,both birds were on there,the 'fudge' showing much better than the RND though into the light.The RND spent nearly all its time asleep,looking up occassionally and flying round apologies for the poor images.

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