Thursday, 31 December 2009

And so it comes to a close

Well here we are,the last day of 2009....i cant say its been the best year ive ever had,added about 4 new birds to my life list,and only a couple to my Notts list....split up with my partner and completed 25 years for my company,lets be fair none of that is good really,but onward and upward,ive got much more time to bird now,so lets hope 2010 is a real belter!!!!! Hoveringham was my destination for seeing out 09,the GND was still present,typically unhelpful,being spooked at about 1000 yards range!! pretty quiet all in all,out with a whimper more than a bang,although a Tree sparrow around the sailing lake was a suprise-just the one though.Grey Wagtail showed well,also Green woody,and Little Egrets are still knocking around ,doing their best to brighten up the day.A Peregrine seemed determined to take a Moorhen,but the Gulls had other ideas,one brave bird even got knocked into the water,the Peregrine left empty clawed !! All images taken with the 7D and 400m f5.6 lens. Happy new year everyone ,best wishes for 2010.

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