Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Luckily unlucky

Having covered Hoveringham....well hammered it really for the last three months at least,and despite the fact ive been totally house bound for 6/7 of a Great White Egret still present this morning,still got the obligatory "fuckin 'ell i dont believe it" !!!! All that effort and i never find anything !! I cant be the only one who feels hard done by just because i visit somewhere on a fairly regular basis...irrational really lol !

Anyway.....having decided i should take things easy today and rest my back,i made a quick phonecall to see exactly where the Egret had been seen and i was soon hobbling to the railway pit !! Apparently its a real ditch feeder,so after doing the ditches of the railway pit,thought ok il try the sailing lake,Just started to limp around when "GWE still between the sailing pit and farm" said the pager,short distance long time for me later,i was informed it had been flushed from a ditch by the farmer and flown over a distant unaccessable row of trees and landed out of sight !! hmmmm

Small crowd gathered,a couple decided to try a path,coming fron the opposite direction,i stayed put ...then noticed a tractor ,surely it would disturb the bird............Grey Herons first,then oooh 2 Little Egrets.....then YES!! there it flew up..and flew fairly distanly towards the sailing lake,and landed.......god another long walk!! Anyway upshot i knew it wouldnt settle long so got inbetween,where it was and had been....yes it was flushed and yes flew right over me!! 400mm F5.6

Also 5 pinkies mixed in with the feral goose flock,Little Ringed plover.Wished id have found the Egret but then lucky i could get to see it eh .

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