Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Must be me

Well the Great White Egret had been reported every day...albeit very elusive.Appearing to have relocated from the sailing lake/Conegyre farm area to the railway pit.It obviously wasnt feeding out in the open-where it would be obvious ! So it must be feeding down one of the ditches in the area surrounding the lake,as the Little egrets do.....well let me tell you,despite hours of ditch walking-no sign at all (remember i have a right limp at the moment too !! So its not easy....yeah yeah i love to play the martyr!!) Anyway upshot is it was either seen just before i arrived or just after i had left!! im either unlucky or a crap birder.....OI !!!!

Sunday 28th didnt see the Red-Necked Grebe...or the GWE and no migrants either,not even a White Wag!! I did photograph some Little Egrets,Eygptian geese..and a Yellowhammer (often hear calling overhead,not so easy perched for some reason).

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