Thursday, 25 March 2010

A very swift arrival

Well,with all these Alpine Swifts arriving,i was hoping one would stick somewhere not too far away from it turned out (as yet) that place was Hunstanton Norfolk.Being much more mobile now (under physio) and having been told to try and push things a little bit more....i decided it was a good oppurtunity !! Though im pretty sure she wouldnt have been too happy at me spending over 4 hours in a car !! To be fair though,i did walk about while i was there!!

When i arrived at Hunstanton cliffs,it was raining quite steadily,very grey and looked set in,the bird had been seen early doors but had since disappeared,the one in east Norfolk at moved to Great Yarmouth.....hmmm were they all heading south now.We had 40mins looking,did see a nice flock of Turnstones feeding in the grass, but then decided to head to Titchwell,really needed a piss!

The weather was brightening up now,and we had just passed the visitor centre (nearly had a cuppa) and had just pointed out two Water rails,to a group of 'birdwatchers' when.....Alpine Swift back at Hunstanton !!! I limped as fast as i could back to the car (yep my calf still doesnt work) 10 mins later back at the big cliff top car park....quick scan-no sign,two birders were looking and they hadnt seen it either......drove round towards the lighthouse,pulled up had another scan-yep there it was albeit very distantly over the cliffs at the pines end of the car park.

Anyway to cut a long story short,and after the bird being quite mobile and disappearing for 30min periods,it showed very well around the lighthouse and i managed some shots.Also lots of Sand Martins,and a Swallow through,a few Wheatears at the bottom end of the car park(didnt get a shot too busy looking for the swift) and a few Chiffchaff's singing on the clifftop.

I dont like to end on a sour note......but i was photographing the Chiffy very intently until i stood in a big pile of warm dog shit !!!! and whats more i was wearing pretty nice white Lacoste trainers!!! When i surveyed the situation.......the pile of shit was right next to a dog shit bin !!!! For FUCKS SAKE've really gone down in my esimation!!! I ought to rub your noses in it !!

All images taken with Canon 7D and 400mm F5.6 lens

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