Sunday, 14 March 2010

Slowly getting there.

Well,still not been able to get out birding yet.....though i am much more mobile now,hopefully in the next few days il be able to have a steady walk at Hoveringham,getting (and sitting ) in the car will be the problem,cant believe i havent been able to get out of the house for 6 weeks !! Friend rang to tell me he had found a Kittiwake on the railway pit yesterday,and that showy Red-Necked Grebe was still showing well,so frustrating to not be able to see them !! Soon,soon i hope !!


  1. I wondered where you were - hope you get well soon mate...missed your sense of humour on your blog! I'm in for my final op on my wrist tomorrow - a result of a few beers before Christmas and an arm wrestling competition. ATB. Steve

  2. Thanks lads...and i hope the op goes well Steve,hopefully you'll be back to 100% soon.