Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Saturday 27th-yes i know posts wrong way round.

Ok so ive got the last two posts the wrong way around,this was the day before the last post (following me!!?) Anyway,decided to try again for better shots of the Hunstanton Alpine Swift and whatever else turned up.Stopped in at Hunstanton but the Swift had disappeared so went on to Titchwell,not much doing really,good views of Avocet,and pretty good views of a very tatty looking water Pipit,i presume it was wet and in heavy moult -pink starting to come through on the breast.Had just got back to the car park when a Pallid Swift came on from Kessingland Suffolk-hmmm can i risk driving that far with my dicky back....well my hoppo really wanted to see it,so ok off we went.11.45am..............1.30pm-pager message... no sign of the Pallid Swift since 12.15pm !!!!!!! I wish these messages would come on sooner !! Divert-Great Yarmouth-Med gulls!! Hope Pallid turns up........did it f*** !! Plenty of Med gulls on the sea front....lots of weird mouthy youths,apparently randomly shouting obscenities at anyone who would listen,and kids shooting holiday makers with catapults.........and the worst dried up chips ive ever had!!! Glad to go home!!

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