Sunday, 20 December 2009

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!

Well saturday morning dawned clear and bright,but bloody hell fire......... was it cold!!! -5 as i set off to Holme Pierrepont to try and photograph the pair of Smew on the ski pit,that i missed last week.When i arrived the ski pit was frozen over,so they had to be on the rowing course-which they were....very close in at first,but as soon as i got closer they moved out a little,still managed some reasonable shots.While i was there,i thought id try for the GND.....the Smew were right at the top end the GND right at the bottom 2000m apart typical .........still the walk warmed me up.Young Daz was photographing the Diver when i arrived and had it within about 3ft!!! i didnt get it that close,but still a little closer than last sunday. All images taken with 40D 500m f4 +1.4tc Hand held.

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