Monday, 14 December 2009

A very damp walk around Gunthorpe today,first thing i found were a load of council road signs!!! obviously pinched by some clot who later realised they couldnt be weighed in because they're fibre glass!!!!!!! Also a few new piles of rubbish left by fly tippers.....and quite a few carrier bags full of empty beer cans tied to tree branches.......anglers are the culprit here .....a passion for angling it certainly is not,more pisca-fuckin-torial vandalism!!!!!!! Birdwise i saw the regular male Stonechat(too distant to photograph) fem Goosander,Chiffchaff calling its head off,and a good few Bullfinches.Thats all folks ! Lets have some more Diver and Red Cresty Pochard images.


  1. Thanks for the link up. I read your write up on your old patch - I did feel sorry for you mate! Just made me realise how lucky I am living in Cornwall. For most part, we don't get too much of the vandalism and general civil disobedience down here...yet. I like your blog though. Steve.

  2. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the very kind comments,ive been following your blog for ages,you get some cracking images,and i enjoy reading about your birding exploits.....actually it was your blog that made me decide to do my own.Your very lucky living in Cornwall,i love it down there!! As for blog does help to vent my frustration,and we do turn up the odd good its not all bad.
    Best wishes