Sunday, 20 December 2009

Notts magic does it again.

This county does have a habit of turning up the most unusual birds.....Cedar Waxwing,Redhead,Sora,Blyth's pipit,and recently Steppe Grey Shrike.........and now Siberian Stonechat ! Not only that, but a male in winter plumage,something possibly never seen in Britain before.Not bad for a county that couldnt be any further from the coast.Bevercotes wood is and old colliery site that has been adapted into a country park type thing...grassed over and replanted with conifers,alders and a few birch.......some good habitat for Stonechats,I wonder how long this bird has been there and how long it will stay? A very striking bird i must say.....incredibly active though,and can be incredibly elusive too.Came as near as 25-30 yards .All images taken with Canon 40D and 500m f4 +1.4 tc (hand held)

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